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Since 1974, the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy has been protecting our water, air, land and people.

MCEA works with government agencies, the Legislature, and the courts to set sound environmental policy, to ensure good laws are enacted, and to enforce the law when needed. We are committed to working across all sectors – private and public, profit and nonprofit, political and academic – to form the partnerships needed to succeed. Real environmental issues are complex and real environmental progress takes time. MCEA is in it for the long haul.

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  • Temporary setback for MATS rule Posted 1 days ago
    The US Supreme Court this morning overturned the EPA's Mercury and Air Toxics Standard (MATS), its proposal to adopt new regulations of mercury and other air toxics from fossil-fuel power plants.   The case is Michigan v. EPA; Utility Air Regulatory Group v. EPA was a companion case).  Under the Clean ...
  • New PolyMet EIS Posted last week
    The latest iteration of the PolyMet environmental impact statement, this time a "preliminary" final EIS (PFEIS) has been released to the "cooperating agencies" (EPA, tribes) for comment.  Copies on disks have been promised for today. Our review will begin by evaluating whether the DNR, the Army Corps of Engineers, and ...
  • Climate change and investment strategy Posted 2 weeks ago
    Interesting report on how investors should manage their portfolios in light of potential climate change scenarios.  Again, the private sector continues to be reality-based, unlike so many of our public policymakers.

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