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Since 1974, the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy has been protecting our water, air, land and people.

MCEA works with government agencies, the Legislature, and the courts to set sound environmental policy, to ensure good laws are enacted, and to enforce the law when needed. We are committed to working across all sectors – private and public, profit and nonprofit, political and academic – to form the partnerships needed to succeed. Real environmental issues are complex and real environmental progress takes time. MCEA is in it for the long haul.

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  • Mining: Profits vs. people Posted 5 days ago
    Excellent op-ed from the Ely Timberjay's Marshall Helmberger in today's Star Tribune.  Focusing on US Steel's current lobbying assault on Minnesota's water quality standard for sulfates in wild rice waters, Helmberger takes the tired "jobs vs. environment" narrative head-on.  As the op-ed patiently explains:  (1) corporate profits are not ...
  • Science for sale Posted last week
    As many of you know, some of the same people who orchestrated the tobacco industry's strategy of creating doubt about the science have been implementing the identical strategy for the fossil fuel industry on climate.  It's not very subtle; they simply pay for the "scientific" results they want.  The ...
  • KeystoneXL economics Posted last week
    Excellent piece from the indispensable Marshall Helmberger at the Ely Timberjay on why the drop in oil prices makes tar sands oil uncompetitive and why the KeystoneXL pipeline wouldn't change that.  All signs today point to a White House rejection of the proposal.

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Recent Posts

  • Minnesotans for Healthy Kids: Ped and Bike Infrastructure in MN Posted 2 weeks ago
    In collaboration with the American Heart Association, as part of the Minnesotans for Healthy Kids Coalition, MCEA led the data acquisition and mapping efforts highlighting the support and financial demand for investing in bike and pedestrian infrastructure improvements.  The Minnesotans for Healthy Kids Coalition is excited to announce that we've just completed ...
  • Asthma and Air Quality in North Minneapolis Posted 2 weeks ago
    Asthma is a serious issue. We know that it’s a primary cause of school absences, and it’s responsible for countless emergency room visits. We also know that it impacts people of color and low-income folks harder than others in our community. The compounding issues that lead to such high ...
  • Celebrating the Legacy Amendment Posted last month
    MCEA and a coalition of groups organized a celebration to mark the five-year anniversary of the funding from the Clean Water, Land, and Legacy Amendment being distributed across the state. The event featured presentations about how the funding has been spent, the benefits from the work completed, and how ...

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