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Since 1974, the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy has been protecting our water, air, land and people.

MCEA works with government agencies, the Legislature, and the courts to set sound environmental policy, to ensure good laws are enacted, and to enforce the law when needed. We are committed to working across all sectors – private and public, profit and nonprofit, political and academic – to form the partnerships needed to succeed. Real environmental issues are complex and real environmental progress takes time. MCEA is in it for the long haul.

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  • Supreme Court also ominously agrees to hear "standing" case Posted 1 days ago
    Lest today's good news about the FERC "demand response" case leave anyone feeling good about the direction of the US Supreme Court, there is last week's decision to grant cert in Spokeo v. Robins.  Spokeo is a class action lawsuit challenging false statements made in "consumer reports" (reports on individual's ...
  • Northern long-eared bats go on "threatened" list in Minnesota Posted 1 days ago
    This species of bat is threatened by something called "white nose syndrome," and the US Fish and Wildlife Service is putting it on the threatened list.  That may lead to restrictions on timber harvest or at least some modified practices.  The agency will take comments for 30 days, and ...
  • Supreme Court agrees to hear "demand response" case Posted 1 days ago
    The US Supreme Court today granted cert in a case involving "Order No. 745" from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).  Order 745 directed utilities to pay energy consumers to reduce their consumption during peak periods, an approach to energy conservation called "demand response."  One of the problems with ...

Recent News

Recent Posts

  • Minnesota Power Slated to Update Coal Plant’s Long-Overdue Pollution Permit Posted last month
    Over the next year, Minnesota Power must update its air pollution permit at the Taconite Harbor coal plant to meet current health-based clean air safeguards that protect communities DULUTH, Minn. -- The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) has agreed to a timeline for revising the long-overdue air pollution permit ...
  • Governor Dayton to Visit Worthington, Austin and Northfield to Discuss Water Quality Buffers Initiative Posted last month
    On Thursday, April 2 and Monday, April 6, Governor Mark Dayton will travel to Worthington, Austin, and Northfield for public meetings to discuss his proposal to establish an additional 125,000 acres of water quality buffer strips statewide. The legislation (HF1534/SF1537) would require 50-foot water quality buffer strips around Minnesota’s lakes, rivers, and streams. Members ...
  • Minnesotans for Healthy Kids: Ped and Bike Infrastructure in MN Posted 3 months ago
    In collaboration with the American Heart Association, as part of the Minnesotans for Healthy Kids Coalition, MCEA led the data acquisition and mapping efforts highlighting the support and financial demand for investing in bike and pedestrian infrastructure improvements.  The Minnesotans for Healthy Kids Coalition is excited to announce that we've just completed ...

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