New Ulm Coal Plant


The New Ulm Public Utilities Commission (NUPUC) proposed to convert one of its boilers, currently fired with clean-burning natural gas, to a dirty coal-burning unit.  MCEA, in partnership with the Sierra Club and New Ulm Citizens for Clean Energy, a group of local New Ulm citizens advocating for cleaner energy, met with the New Ulm PUC to advocate that cleaner options are “feasible and prudent” and therefore must be considered as an alternative to the proposed dirty coal conversion.  MCEA hired an expert, Anna Sommer, to evaluate the economics of coal vs. natural gas, which have changed substantially in favor of natural gas since New Ulm PUC initially made its decision to convert to coal.  An enthusiastic group of New Ulm residents attended NUPUC and city council meetings and met with NUPUC commissioners to make the case that coal is not a good option for the City of New Ulm.

On September 27, 2011, the New Ulm PUC voted to suspend work on this project, thanks in part to these organizations’ work.

MCEA Documents

Letter and Report to the New Ulm Public Utilities Commission

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