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Peter Bachman and Janet Rice
Ron Sternal and Nancy Gibson
Compass Capital
Cassidy and Andrew Steiner
Martha Struthers Farley and Donald C. Farley, Jr. Family Foundation
Bruce and Julie Steiner




Susan and Bruce Henke
Paula and Doug Hemer
Zelle LLP Minneapolis Office
Alexandra B. Klass and Steven K. Warch
Design Forty Five 
Schwebel Goetz & Sieben




Madigan, Dahl & Harlan, P.A.
Peter and Mary Gove
Mitch and Erin Zamoff




Charles Dayton and Sara Evans
Fresh Energy
Judith and David Arvold
LaVonne and Paul Batalden
John and Suzanne Gappa
Amy Blumenshine and Mike Troutman
GS Motors
Blumenshine LLC
Daniel Engstrom and Barbara Coffin
Gardner Builders
Thad and Suzy Johnson




Peter Vaughan & Cathy Anson
Mary Dodd
Alan & Claire Thometz
Nancy and Steve Piragis
James and LaRue Unglaube
The Wild Institute
Eldon G. Kaul
Ruth and Mac McCutcheon
Jennifer and Gregory Peterson
Patricia Slater
Jerry Helfand and Joan Cleary
Tom and Jeanne Lefevere
Smitty's Workshop
Breakaway Education Minnesota
Allan Klein and Harriet Lansing
Lee and Vicki Morgan
Lynne Harrington and Paul Blomgren
The Coalition for a Clean Minnesota River
Luke Wolf
Alex Herman and Olivia Moe
Steve and Tristen Lindemann
Chris Soper and Megan Walsh 
Ann E. Cohen & John Glasenapp
Amy Lange and Jane Newman