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Feb 18, 2022

MCEA 2022 Legislative webinar series

Minnesota capitol

MCEA's 2022 Legislative webinar series is a quick and easy way to stay plugged into key policy developing at the Capitol. Join us throughout this session for one hour lunchtime webinars on issues ranging from clean water to climate. Scroll down to RSVP to upcoming webinars and explore recordings of past ones!


May 11th - Investments for the Environment 

We have federal dollars coming in and it’s a bonding year. There will be a lot to talk about on how to spend those dollars, and who ultimately foots the bill. We’ll be joined by MCEA’s CEO, Kathryn Hoffman, to talk about all things money at the legislature. 

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May 3rd - Defending Bedrock Environmental Laws

One of MCEA’s key roles at the legislature is defending our bedrock environmental laws. At this webinar, we are joined by MCEA’s Chief Legal Officer, Kevin Reuther, to talk about what those laws are, why it’s important to defend them for our legal work, and what we are doing to protect them at the legislature. 

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April 19th - Data Driven Climate solutions for Minnesota

We need bold and comprehensive action on the climate crisis. Minnesota is a leading emitter of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in the Midwest, and we need a state-wide plan to address our responsibility. Join MCEA staff and experts for a discussion of potential solutions.

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April 15th - Getting toxic PFAS out of MinnesotA

PFAS is a hazardous toxic chemical, causing cancers, fetal development issues, cognitive delays in children, among other co-morbidities. What’s more, they are permanent “forever chemicals”, and do not degrade over time. We are behind the cart in regulating these dangerous chemicals, and at this webinar you’ll learn how MCEA is addressing this at the legislature.

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February 15th - Hold the salt, save our lakes

Even in a legislature with divided partisan control, the common sense approach of the smart salting bill has bipartisan support and a real chance to finally become law. Since one teaspoon of salt permanently pollutes five gallons of water, every teaspoon matters!

Our second in a series of legislative webinars will focus on the smart salting legislation, and will be held at noon on Tuesday, February 15th. RSVP, and bring your lunch Tuesday, February 15th. But hold the salt, please.

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February 4th - MCEA start of session legislative webinar

This webinar is a run down on MCEA's legislative priorities for the 2022 Legislative Session. You'll hear from the legislative team on what's hot this year and what we can expect from now until May. You'll also get a short preview on our legislative webinar series beginning on February 15th.

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