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Rooted in Science

We rely resolutely upon science and facts to drive and influence-decision making.

​​​​​​We draw upon a broad and deep network of scientists, subject matter experts and community members to serve as a trusted source of information on environmental, scientific, legal and public policy issues.

​​​​​​We also are a watch dog, ensuring that environmental laws are implemented and enforced, holding corporations, politicians and agencies accountable for actions that harm Minnesotans, particularly those communities most negatively impacted by environmental degradation.

Minnesota Senator Eaton

As a legislator working closely on environmental issues, I often rely on the technical and legal expertise of MCEA. They provide an invaluable service to legislators like myself who are interested in keeping our state's environmental laws strong. 

- Minnesota State Senator Chris Eaton

Have your say

​​​​​​Contact your legislators and urge them to vote responsibly on behalf of Minnesota’s environment and the health and wellbeing of all Minnesotans.