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Watch recordings of MCEA webinars from the 2023 Minnesota Legislative session.

Looking for more resources on what's happening at the Capitol? Check out MCEA's factsheets, and visit our Shaping Policy homepage to learn more. 



2023 Legislative Session Kick-off: Priorities and How to Plug-in

January 31st, 2023

Listen to the first webinar in our 2023 Legislative webinar series. Hear from MCEA's team at the Capitol about our priorities this session and information on how you can plug in.


Aaron Klemz, MCEA Chief Strategy Officer

Andrea Lovoll, MCEA Legislative Director

Ellen Anderson, MCEA Climate Program Director

Jen Full, MCEA Policy Advocate

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Healthy Communities and Environmental Justice at the Legislature

February 14th, 2023

In February, MCEA staff was joined by Roxxanne O’Brien of Community Members for Environmental Justice (CMEJ) and Sophia Benrud of the Minnesota Environmental Justice Table (MN EJ Table) to discuss upcoming cumulative impacts legislation. Panelists also had a broader conversation on Minnesota environmental justice history, issues, and the need for action.


Andrea Lovoll, MCEA Legislative Director

Evan Mulholland, MCEA Healthy Communities Program Director

Sophia Benrud, Minnesota EJ Table Co-lead

Roxxanne O’Brien, CMEJ, Co-founder and lead organizer

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