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50th home page: Defending True North

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On MCEA’s 50th Anniversary, we are inviting you to join us in Defending True North. True North isn’t a location, it’s a set of values that guides MCEA in our work to defend Minnesota’s environment and the health of its people. If you agree with these values, you’re on our team of True North defenders. Sign up, and we’ll send you a limited edition 50th anniversary sticker and make sure you're in the know about upcoming events.

You're a True North Defender if you believe

every Minnesotan deserves clean, safe drinking water, whether they live in a city or rely on a well

every current and future Minnesotan deserves climate justice and a liveable future world where climate change is addressed

every Minnesotan deserves a safe and clean environment, regardless of their zip code, income, race, or gender

every decision that affects natural resources in treaty-ceded territory should be made with free prior informed consent of the tribal governments that are affected

the words: minnesota's environment can't speak for itself


In 1974, MCEA was founded on the premise that industry has good lawyers, and the environment needs good lawyers, too. Since then, MCEA’s legal team has been at the forefront of holding the government and corporations accountable to our environmental laws.

This is MCEA’s True North. Tell us yours at DefendingTrueNorth@mncenter.org.