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Apr 15, 2021

Earth Day of Action

Climate march at the Minnesota Capitol, St. Paul, 2019
Climate march at the Minnesota Capitol, St. Paul, 2019

A global pandemic will again change how we gather this year on Earth Day. But, it doesn't change how you can use your voice.  For Earth Day 51, MCEA is calling on our supporters to complete a handful of short online actions — actions that send a message to Minnesota leaders about the importance of protecting Minnesota's people and environment. 

With pre-written (but customizable) emails, these online actions only take a couple minutes to complete and our legislative targeting system ensures they'll land in your state leader's inbox in just a few clicks. Take action now!


Here's what we are asking:

1) Scroll down on this page to explore and take action!

2) Share this page (or any one of the particular online actions) with two friends who you know are looking for ways to take action on Earth Day.

Looking to do even more?

In addition to the online actions highlighted above, there are plenty of issues that your representatives need to hear from their constituents about. You can support MCEA's work by contacting your legislators and urging them to vote responsibly on behalf of Minnesota's people and environment. Check out our bill tracker to learn about key environmental bills (the good and the bad). Then, use our Find Your Legislator and send an email to your state leaders.

Your donation enables action

Individual contributions fuel MCEA’s work. By donating, you make us more powerful in the courts, our voice louder at the capitol, and our mission to protect Minnesota’s people, air, and water even stronger.