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Sep 16, 2022

Statement: MCEA Climate Director on Minnesota's Climate Framework

"We are pleased that the Walz administration did the right thing and increased the ambition of Minnesota’s climate plan to match the demands of science as outlined by the IPCC. We are in a pivotal moment on climate right now coming off the passage of the IRA and as more and more Americans realize the devastating effects of climate-caused extreme weather events. We need bold leadership and aggressive measures taken at the state level to seize this critical opportunity and ensure Minnesota is a leader in the effort to curb the climate crisis and preserve the health, well-being and livelihood of all of us. Our experts will be digging into the plan’s details and having conversations with environmental justice partners in the days and weeks ahead to make sure Walz’ plan works for all. Finally, the true value of any plan can only be measured in the success of its implementation. We have seen too many past climate plans fail to result in meaningful change in Minnesota. This one must be different. We look forward to working with the Walz administration to make sure it is." - MCEA Climate Director, Ellen Anderson