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Aug 11, 2020

Your action helped defend the fens

Nearly 500 Minnesotans took action, and the MPCA listened. Thank you!
Your action helped defend the fens


You joined nearly 500 Minnesotans in MCEA's action last week, and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency listened. Your email to the MPCA to tell them the comment period on the Barrick Farms proposal must be extended to get the data needed to know the impact on three nearby endangered wetlands worked. 

Barrick Farms proposes to build a new feedlot with over 16,000 hogs near three rare, fragile, calcareous fens. According to Minnesota Department of Natural Resources staff, all three are potentially at risk from the 15 million gallon per year well that Barrick Farms would build.

An aquifer test was ordered to determine the impact of this proposal on these fens, and thanks to your quick action, the comment period has been extended so the public can see the science and have their say before public input ends. 

MCEA's experts will be closely monitoring the results too, and we will let you know how you can help defend the fens once the test is complete. 

Thank you for your advocacy,

Aaron Klemz
Director of Public Engagement
Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy

P.S. MCEA is a watchdog who keeps an eye on polluters and our government agencies, even when it's hard to do. Your support helps us keep this work going. Thanks again!